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Washington D.C.- The District of Columbia does not have any particular legislation relating to a tenant’s deserted property. It is therefore as much as the owner to incorporate a lease clause that states what’s going to occur if a tenant leaves the property at the rental after transfer out.

Washington- Tenants in Washington state have 45 days to recuperate abandoned property. Vermont- Vermont landlords must hold onto a tenant’s property for 60 days after giving the tenant notice of the deserted property. To claim the property inside this period, the tenant should give a written description of the abandoned property and must pay any storage charges. Utah- Utah tenants should declare the deserted property inside 15 days of receiving discover.

Texas- Texas tenants have 60 days after receiving a notice to gather abandoned property. South Carolina- South Carolina landlords should only hold a tenant’s abandoned property if it is value more than $500 dollars.

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The landlord must file a formal order with the courtroom to get rid of it. Pennsylvania- Pennsylvania tenants should contact the owner inside 10 days of receiving discover of their intention to gather abandoned property. If the tenant has not contacted the landlord within 10 days of receiving notice, the landlord might dispose of the property. Oklahoma- Oklahoma tenants have 15 days to gather deserted property before a landlord can dispose of or sell it.