Efficient Tips for Repairing Old Kitchens Into New

A comfortable kitchen interior design is usually related to the design of the kitchen set you have. Good materials and designs will provide satisfaction for its residents. The kitchen is not only a complement to a dwelling. The kitchen plays an important role in meeting the residents’ needs for a cooking space. But after occupying the house for a long time, of course you start to feel bored with the current kitchen atmosphere. Meanwhile, having a new kitchen requires a fairly large budget. The following are frugal tips to repair an old kitchen into a new one:

Give the Furniture a New Color

Do a refresher by giving a new color to the furniture in the kitchen area, you can repaint the cabinets and kitchen walls. Presents vibrant colors to give a fresh impression to the kitchen area.

Add Crown Molding to Cabinet Doors

Molding is an engraving or indentation on a surface. Usually found to be found on doors as well as window sills. The application of crown molding is an alternative to give freshness to your kitchen set design. For those of you who like crafts, maybe you can try it yourself. Measure the cabinet doors you have and cut the wood to your desired design.

Apply the Open Door Concept

The concept of an open door on furniture can give a broad impression to the kitchen area. Plus, the open door makes it easier for you to find the furniture you want. Make sure to arrange neatly, cutlery or items that you place in the cupboard so that they are comfortable to see.

Good Lighting

Reorganize your kitchen lighting. Add a small spotlight to the interior of the glass door cabinet or under the cabinet for dramatic kitchen counter lighting. Use the integrated smart LED light, so it can be adjusted according to your needs. It is recommended to use a white light so as not to change the color of the food.

Charming Backsplash

The backsplash is the part of the kitchen wall that is near the stove or sink and is generally coated with ceramic for easy cleaning. The backsplash is an area that is easily visible, you can give a contrasting color for a new freshness to the kitchen area.